Deidri Nielson Recognized ITLS As Outstanding Staff of the Year

Deidri Nielson
Deidri (DD) Nielson was selected as the Staff of the Year for the 2017-2018 academic school year. This award was bestowed by the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) Department at Utah State.

DD was selected for this award for her incredible organization of the Intermountain Paper and Poster Party, the ITLS Open House, and the ITLS Fall Social. She has great talent for solving problems and being proactive. Those who have worked with her say she "brings fresh ideas and works hard" and that she is "easy to talk to and friendly." With DD, the break room and lobby room would be much less organized and inviting; for example, she created a Coffee bar in the lobby.

DD has only been in the Department for a little over a year. She moved to the ITLS Department from working in Undergraduate Research for Research and Graduate Studies here at Utah State. Speaking of her time in the ITLS Department, DD said, "I have enjoyed being involved with students here and learning how I can be of help to them through their program. The things that have stood out the most during my time here is, time and time again, seeing how courageous students are to continue their education. Some are picking it back up after many many years away and sacrificing for something they believe in."

Dr. Sheri Haderlie, a student advisor and senior lecturer in the Department, said, "Deidri brings positive energy to the department. She is kind, thoughtful, funny, and always willing to help. Even though she may be under time pressures and other stresses, she is always welcoming and friendly. I appreciate working with her through the many complexities of University processes."

Dr. Andrew Walker, the Department head, said, "In some departments DD’s job might be spread across 2-3 staff. As a smaller department all of those jobs land on her desk. As a result, DD wears about five different hats at any given time and she makes them all look good. From physical spaces that are inviting and welcoming to helping us keep up with our student run slack channel she is all about bringing people together."

Annalee Hall, the business manager said, "Working with DD is a pleasure. She’s a doer, yet is funny and easy going as well. Her work is essential to the department and she strives hard to do it exceptionally well. She’s the glue that holds us all together."

Whitney Lewis, a recent Master of Science graduate, said that one of her fond memories of her time in the ITLS Department was, "the yummy mints on Deidri’s desk." She added, "the mints are just the best. I’m pretty sure I eat the majority of them."

Matthew Havertz, a current ITLS student, said, "Deidri wants to help everyone feel included! She started a project on the side called, 'Not Only for the Lonely,' giving people opportunities to write kind anonymous notes to strangers."

DD often acts as a first point of contact for many incoming students, helping them to navigate the program and answer questions. To incoming students, DD said, "Reach out, make connections, don't ever let yourself feel alone and isolated during your educational journey."


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