Ryan Cain Accepted a Full-Time Faculty Position at Weber State University

Ryan Cain, a PhD candidate in the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) Department, accepted a full-time faculty position at Weber State University. He will be working in the Teacher Education Department, specializing in educational technology.

Ryan Cain
Ryan Cain

Ryan's main advisor and mentor throughout his time at Utah Sate, Dr. Victor Lee, said, "Ryan was a Presidential Doctoral Research Fellow for USU and came to us from several years as a public school teacher in New York City. He has been a great presence in this department, and he will be missed by the people here who have worked with him over the years."

"Ryan has been a great friend and mentor to me this past year as a new grad student in the program," said Aubrey Rogowski. "He is passionate about what he does and I am excited for those who get to the opportunity to learn and work with him at Weber."

Ryan came to the ITLS PhD program after becoming interested in the maker movement as an elementary science teacher in Brooklyn. He has spent most of his time as a PhD student working under Dr. Lee to understand the ways in which youth develop individual interests while engaging in maker activities and using wearable technology.

Speaking of his new position at Weber State, Ryan reported, "I am most excited to be working in K-8 classrooms collaborating with pre- and in-service teachers to thoughtfully integrate technology (especially digital making) into their curriculum." He also has an ambitious vision for future research, "I would like to eventually have a research practice partnership with teachers in the Ogden/Clearfield area investigating reflective practice and digital making."

Ryan feels his time at Utah State prepared him well for this transition. "USU gave me ample opportunities to teach that strengthened my application," he explained. "These included teaching the Craft Technologies course as the instructor and being a teaching assistant for Dr. Lee's Technology Integration & Innovation in Education and Dr. Tofel-Grehl's Secondary Science Teaching Methods courses. Additionally, my research experience with the Dr. Lee's VITAL lab helped me be a strong candidate for the position."

For future or current students/graduates looking for faculty a position, Ryan encourages the prospective faculty member to get a sense for the institution as much as they work to get a sense for you. "The further I went in the process, the more I realized what a good fit the position was for me." He also encourages students to seek research and teaching assistantship opportunities, learn how to use citation managers, and learn R.


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