Michael Oliva Recognized As ITLS Graduate Student Instructor of the Year

Michael Oliva was selected as the Graduate Student Instructor of the Year for the 2017-2018 academic school year. This award was bestowed by the Instructional Technology and Learning

Michael Oliva
Sciences (ITLS) Department at Utah State.

Oliva has spent time teaching Applied Research Methods. He was chosen because of his blend of traditional lecture with humor and team-based work. He provides his students with real life data. He gives students challenging and entertaining work. He takes time time to help individual students outside of class and cares about them. His students have been extremely appreciative of him.

Oliva said of his students, "The quality of work and the level of effort put in by my students has surprised me in a very positive way." He was pleasantly surprised to find even students who were not going into research-producing careers produced high-quality work for his research class.

Oliva first started teaching the class in Fall of 2016 when the former faculty member could not teach the class that semester and asked him to consider it. Oliva explained, "I was immediately interested in the opportunity as I had taught previously during my time at NYU and really enjoyed it. My advisor David Feldon and our department head Andy Walker also thought I’d be a good fit."

Michael Oliva receiving his certificate

Michael Oliva holding his certificate

To incoming students, Oliva shares, "I think the best advice I can offer is to make sure that you are pursuing graduate study because it is something you are truly passionate about." He also explains how important it is to find an advisor that you can build a personal relationship with. "Over the course of your graduate career, your advisor will play a huge role in helping you learn and develop. Working with someone you enjoy being around on a personal level will lead to a much better relationship and much better results."


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