Dr. Jina Kang Accepts New Assistant Professor Position

We are excited to announce Dr. Jina Kang has accepted a new position in the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) Department. Dr. Kang will join the Department in the Fall 2018 semester.

Dr. David Feldon, the head of the search committee, explained the purpose of the new position: "The position has an emphasis on research in the areas of learning analytics and instructional design and a secondary emphasis on teaching in those areas."

Dr. Jina Kang
Dr. Jina Kang
Dr. Kang meets these expectations, as Dr. Andrew Walker, the department head, explained. "Jina’s professional experience as a UX Designer, game developer for Alien Rescue, background in astronomy and her research in data analytics, embodied science, gesture-based interfaces, and simulations and serious games will be an excellent complement to some of our core strengths as a faculty. I like that while she can program in Python, she’s very much aware that there are more accessible ways to get started in data analytics. I’m as excited for us as I am for the students she will be working with."

Dr. Kang also brings a diverse perspective to the Department, as she explained. "I will bring an international perspective, having gotten my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in South Korea; furthermore, my background in the hard sciences provides another perspective that will add to the diversity of the community."

Logan is a beautiful setting and Dr. Kang looks forward to "the numerous natural wonders in Utah," which she feels will be inspiring.

Dr. Kang expresses an interest to help incoming students. She said the most critical piece of advice she could give students is to take care of themselves. She also encourages "trying to find your goal for next couple of years, and beyond," and adds, "I am hoping to help you with this!"

You can read Dr. Kang's faculty biography and see her research interests on her new ITLS faculty page.


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