Dr. Kristy Bloxham Accepts New Professional Practice Associate Professor Position

We are excited to announce Dr. Kristy Bloxham has accepted a new position in the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) Department. Dr. Bloxham will be a professional practice associate professor. Her first day at Utah State will be April 2, 2018.
Dr. Kristy Bloxham
Dr. Kristy Bloxham

Dr. David Feldon, the head of the search committee, explained the purpose of creating this new position. "Our goal was to bring someone to our faculty with extensive experience and connections in industry to facilitate students getting the knowledge and skills they need to be workforce-ready. This position will also facilitate access to internship and project opportunities in industry to help students build portfolios and professional networks of their own."

Dr. Andrew Walker, the department head, says Dr. Bloxham is an excellent fit for this position. "From her early days as an educational software developer to her work at Younique as a VP of training she has experienced so much of what our broad field has to offer. I appreciate that she brings those experiences to the table."

Dr. Bloxham graduated from Utah State with a PhD in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. She has since spent her time working in the Silicon Slopes area of Utah building training programs for some of the fastest growing companies in the world. Her career includes educational software development, university teaching, research involving online course improvement, and training development.

Dr. Bloxham said, "My work in the corporate world has been invaluable in preparing me for success in this position. I understand what the demands of our field are and what we need to do to have an influence."

"I’m so excited to have Dr. Bloxham come back to her USU roots and join our faculty," explained Dr. Walker.

Dr. Bloxham is equally excited, "I love this university and I especially love the ITLS Department."

Dr. Walker also feels she will work well with the students, as she tends to mentor in a highly customized way, "asking studentswhere they want to go and working with them to find a path to reach their goals."

"I love the energy the students have and hope that I can contribute in a positive way to their success," Dr. Bloxham explains.

You can read Dr. Bloxham's faculty biography on her new ITLS faculty page.


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