2017-2018 ITLS Award Recipients

Below is a list of the 2017-2018 Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Department award recipients at Utah State. We want to congratulate all of our award recipients from the academic year. All worked hard in their specific areas of study. These awards are well deserved.

We will have more posts with details on all of these award winners in the coming weeks.

Legacy of Utah State Award:

Katarina Pantic

Scholar of the Year:

Jacob Piland

Graduate Student Instructor of the Year:

Michael Oliva

Master's Student Researcher of the Year:

Whitney Lewis

Doctoral Student Researcher:

Fred Poole

Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year:

Breanne Litts

Undergraduate Researcher of the Year:

Chase Mortensen

Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year:

Brian Belland &
Breanne Litts

Faculty Researcher of the Year:

David Feldon

Teacher of the Year:

Jody Clarke-Midura

Outstanding Staff of the Year:

Deidri Nielson

Alumni Achievement Award:

Kevin Reeve

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