Dr. Victor Lee and Dr. Mimi Recker Publish Paper Circuits Article in AECT Journal

Dr. Victor Lee and Dr. Mimi Recker published an article in Tech Trends, a publication of the Association for Educational Communication & Technology (AECT). According to AECT's website "TechTrends is a leading publication for professionals in the educational communication and technology field."

Dr. Lee explained their research article as exploring "what opportunities students have to engage in computational thinking with paper circuits." He further explained their research was a part of a larger project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS). Recker and Lee's IMLS-funded project examines how librarians can learn to facilitate maker and STEM-oriented activities in small town school and public libraries.

This specific article, entitled "Paper Circuits: A Tangible, Low Threshold, Low Cost Entry to Computational Thinking," argues for using papercuits to introduce young students to computer science. They observed students in an afterschool library setting using paper circuits and discovered several computational thinking concepts were employed: algorithmic thinking, conditional logic, symbol systems and debugging.

The backside simple paper circuit. Copper tape and a coin battery are taped to the back of the card to complete a circuit.
A simple paper circuit (back)

The front of the same paper circuit card. There are three LED lights surrounding the word "Bright." The card says, "Have a Bright Day."
A simple paper circuit (front)

They also discuss a more advanced paper circuit product that can be used as a gateway to coding called Chibitronics.

You can read the full article on Springer.com.

Dr. Recker is a Professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) at Utah State and Dr. Lee is an Associate Professor in the same Department. You can read more about them on the ITLS Faculty Page.

Dr. Mimi Recker
Dr. Mimi Recker

Dr. Victor Lee
Dr. Victor Lee


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