Dr. Fields Presented at the 2017 Conference on Computational Thinking in Hong Kong

Dr. Fields was in Hong Kong last week for the International Conference on Computational Thinking (CTE). The conference was sponsored by the Education University of Hong Kong. According to their website, "CTE 2017 is the first international conference organized by the CoolThink Programme Team for worldwide sharing of ideas as well as dissemination of findings and outcomes on the implementation of computational thinking development."

Hong Kong Cityscape

Dr. Deborah Fields explains her perspective on CTE. "The conference itself was really unique and interesting. It was hosted as a part of a four-year initiative sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club to introduce computational thinking in a constructionist manner (student-centered, interest-driven, discovery-oriented) in primary school classrooms across Hong Kong. They have been working with 35 elementary schools, training teachers to introduce computational thinking in this authentic way through Scratch and App Inventor as the primary tools."

Dr. Fields with Dr. Mike Tissenbaum and Dr. Josh Sheldon from MIT
Dr. Fields with Dr. Mike Tissenbaum and Dr. Josh Sheldon from MIT
Dr. Fields presented on using e-textiles in the classroom. She explains a piece of her presentation. "I have been developing [curriculum for Exploring Computer Science classes] with Yasmin Kafai, Jane Margolis, and Joanna Goode for the past two years. We have piloted the curriculum in four classes and next year will reach out to 18 classes. This presentation focused on how teachers brought out computational thinking through students’ interactions and projects in three key areas: strategic problem solving, iteration, and interfacing between abstract and tangible computation. This generated some discussion about what we learned about teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge to make computational thinking tangible to students with these hand-crafted objects and some of the challenges of putting 'making' (i.e., the maker movement) in regular, discipline-based classrooms."

a maker space at the Conference

an electronic poster with LED's

Below is a video of video of Dr. Fields racing cars with a young student at the conference. 


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