Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dr. Clarke-Midura gets CWG Grant

Dr. Clarke-Midura (left) w/ her advisee, Katarina Pantic

Dr. Jody Clarke-Midura, an assistant professor with the Instructional Technologies and Learning Sciences (ITLS) department, was awarded a grant from the Center for Women and Gender (CWG) at USU in April 2017. The $12,959 grant was awarded for a qualitative study involving women in Computer Science (CS) majors in Northern Utah. The study will be funded from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. This project was designed together with PhD student Katarina Pantic, as she is conducting research for her dissertation.
“I am excited to work with Katarina on this research and to explore why women persist in CS majors,” said Dr. Clarke-Midura. “This project will investigate different trajectories women take through their CS majors and contribute to the knowledge base on factors that influence women’s retention and persistence in CS undergraduate programs. I am grateful to the Center for Women and Gender for funding this research and providing a doctoral student with a research opportunity.”
Dr. Clarke-Midura’s other funded research (NSF Award #1614849) focuses on recruitment and broadening participation in CS—in particular, the role of mentoring and gender in summer computer programming camps.
“I have worked alongside Jody for a year now and she has provided me with a true graduate student apprenticeship, part of which was collaborating on this grant proposal,” said Pantic. “It makes me really excited to be given an opportunity to give voice to women succeeding in CS majors, as I continue my own academic development while working with someone as dedicated and passionate about empowering girls as Jody.”
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Congratulations to Ji Eun Lee winner of the 2017 AERA best student paper award for SIG ATL/LS

Congratulations to Ji Eun Lee for winning the 2017 best student paper award for the combined Advanced Technologies for Learning/Learning Sciences special interest groups at AERA.  Ji Eun will present her research soon in San Antonio Texas. 

Examining Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Strategies Using Learning Management System Data: An Evidence-Centered Design Approach

Abstract: We describe the application of the Evidence-Centered Design (ECD) framework to measure the self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies of students’ enrolled in an online mathematics course by using their trace logs captured by a Learning Management System (LMS). We found that the ECD framework was helpful in building evidentiary arguments for measuring SRL, particularly in connecting theoretical constructs and student activities in the LMS. We used the framework to explore differences between successful and unsuccessful students’ use of SRL strategies over the course of the semester. A logistic regression model only resulted in one significant variable, the total number of logins. However, time series plots revealed considerable temporal differences in how students used SRL strategies, with successful students showing more consistent application.