ITSA at SaltCon 2017

Started this year, ITSA has been hosting a weekly Game Jam in our Design Lab that gathers folks to play all types of games and discuss their design and educational value. In order to bring home some new games to showcase, we represented ITLS at this year's board game convention, SaltCon, in Layton, Utah on March 3rd and 4th.

This was a very exciting experience for both of us! A highlight was meeting new people - some work in the gaming industry, some promote and teach games as a hobby, and some, like us, just love to play games. We played and saw a variety of games including an trick-taking card games, eurogames, cooperative games, bidding games, etc. Some of these were exceptionally visually stunning and creatively designed.

One of our favorite parts of the weekend was serendipitously meeting the designer and creator of Trekking the National Parks, Charlie Bink. He offered to teach us a game we had on table, then the conversation segued into an amazing learning experience for us where he shared invaluable information about the design process, prototyping, and keeping the business running. We even got to test a prototype of one of his new games (we can't give anything away, though!).

We recommend giving SaltCon a go, whether you're an avid gamer or you're looking to try something new. This year we brought back quite a few new games to add to our game inventory, so join us on a Wednesday from 12-1 to test them out.
A few new games we acquired at SaltCon 2017

Stephanie Benson & Katarina Pantic

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