Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dr. Fields keynote speaker at CALICO conference

Deborah Fields is the keynote speaker at this year's CALICO conference at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 
Link to CALICO conference:

Dr. Lee elected to the board of directors

Victor Lee was elected to the board of directors for the international society of the learning sciences.

Congratulations, Victor! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

ITLS Alumnus Receives Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education

ITLS MS Alumnus, Matthew Woolley, receives HUntsman Award for Excellence in Education among other CEHS alumi.

Dr. Fields' book got good reviews

Dr. Kafai's and Dr. Fields' Book "Connected Play: Tweens in a Virtual World" just got excellent reviews in Teachers College Record

Apart from hoping that the book will be "will be taught/presented/read/considered", the reveiwer Jason Haas says that the book is a "fantastic new contribution to the field" providing "both a compelling portrait of what virtual worlds have to offer young people as well as an atlas for where further interesting work may lie". He also says that "Kafai and Fields present a thorough picture of how tweens play in Whyville, and they do an admirable job of investigating the in‐person aspects of this play that they observe in
their afterschool setting (Kafai, 2010)" in addition to highlighting some of his favorite chapters. 

For those of you interested in reading more about the book itself, please see the book profile on

Monday, May 4, 2015

ITLS School Librarian Adjunct instructor retiring from her day job!

Dr. Litts co-edited a new book

Dr. Breanne Litts just published a co-edited book on mobile media learning. To purchase or download the book, please go to:

Here is a brief description of the book itself from ETC Press website: "This book is an inspirational message about what is possible and practical in the name of learning through mobile media. We present stories from a diverse set of educators, a microcosm of the landscape of mobile media learning. Each author has found a way to create something new and beautiful in their own world. And though their results are exceptional, their surroundings are not. Most are not experts in high-technology, nor highly equipped. They get as far as they do by using what is at hand, in part by making use of accessible, free and open source software. To provide both a deeper look into how these projects operate and a practical resource for those who want to join in, this book addresses most of these tools individually as well. Our detailed, down-to-earth accounts will not only be legible to newcomers but refreshingly forthright to those anxious to better understand educational experiments connecting learning and mobile media."