Monday, May 19, 2014

Dr. Lee receives National Academy of Education Fellowship

College of Education and Human Services at USU published an article about Dr Lee and his newly received fellowship:
 "An award-winning professor has been named a National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral fellow, considered to be one of the topmost distinctions for an education professor. He will use the research opportunity to study how students think about and explain physics while experiencing motion in the “messy” real world.

Dr. Victor Lee, an assistant professor in Utah State University’s Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences department, was selected for the fellowship by the National Academy for Education".

You can read the full story on CEHS blog or USU Today website.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Annual ITSA Report

We had a great year this year in ITSA. Some of the highlights for the year was our great Brown Bag presentations, two Nights with the Faculty, the Ugly Sweater Contest, and the International Night.

We had some great speakers for our Brown Bags this year. We learned tips on how to write our resumes and how to do interviews. We learned about some internship and creative projects of current ITLS students. We even had a couple of employers come and let us know what to expect in the workforce and what skills they are looking for from our graduates. 
One of the highlights this year was hearing from Dr. Andrew Gibbons. Juli Weber, ITSA Communications Officer, wrote the following about his presentation. "Dr. Gibbons shares a unique approach to learning design through a tried and true concept of layers rather than traditional design theories of the past. His model follows other logical ideas of innovation and the influences of technology on common processes and design elements. He guides us through layered design by insightfully guiding us through the mind's eye, the introduction of sound into motion pictures. He states, 'Layers don't have rules. They become the natural responses to increasing complexity.' Enjoy this lecture about a new approach to functional design and training development." 

You can see all the Brown Bags on YouTube at

For the two Nights with the Faculty, students and faculty met at a local pizza cafe. This was a great opportunity to get to know the faculty members a little better. Students also had the opportunity to get some answers to questions about the program, research, classes, etc. It was very enjoyable to have an open forum for students to ask any question they had and to get to know the faculty on a more personal level.

The Annual Ugly Sweater Contest was a great success. Students and faculty had a great time socializing with each other. Many people participate by strutting their ugly sweaters. Mason Lefler had the "best" sweater.

Finally, everyone enjoyed the Annual International Night in October. Anne Diekema opened her doors for this fun event. Everyone brought a dish from their home country or state for this international potluck dinner. We enjoyed dishes from all around the world. We also enjoyed some fun games from around the world. Thank you Anne for allowing us to use your home so that everyone to get to know the great diversity that is within our department.

Thank you for an awesome year! 
Kathy Harris, ITSA President 2013-1024

Friday, May 2, 2014

Debbie Demos Dramatic Duds

Professor Deborah Fields taught an ITLS course on Craft Technologies during Spring 2014 for students at Utah State University, and it was a big hit.

On April 30, students demoed their projects from the course. In the accompanying clip, Dr. Fields demonstrates tights designed by student Amber O’Quinn. The tights are wired with LEDs and an accelerometer such that the lights change colors as speeds change. Watch and enjoy!