Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Victor Lee Guest Edits Journal Special Issue

Dr. Victor Lee, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, guest edited a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Technology, Knowledge and Learning that was just published by Springer, a major academic publishing house. The theme of the special issue is "Bicycling and Computational Technology". The special issue contains new research articles from leading learning scientists and educational technology scholars and each article involves research related to how people learn and engage with new ideas using technology and bicycling.

On the theme of the special issue, Dr. Lee stated, "We went into this knowing it would definitely be an unconventional topic, but one that could be interesting and provocative. The decision to put this together was made about a year ago after I discovered  that there were people from leading institutions in very different locations who were each using bicycling as a context for designing and studying technology-enhanced learning. This particular journal, Technology, Knowledge and Learning, is about pushing the envelope with research on bold new technologies and how they can fundamentally change the ways we learn and know. The fact that bicycling is such a familiar activity and the fact that our engagement with bicycling is changing in pretty big ways because of technology made this an interesting topic to pursue and an interesting issue to prepare."
Topics covered in the special issue include the use of agent-based computer models as a tool for kids to learn about drafting and aerodynamics, kids learning to make sense of spatial data by recording and analyzing their GPS locations on bicycles, and a study of how adult athletes use and collect data about their own biking activities. The adult study was co-authored by Dr. Lee and ITLS PhD student Joel Drake.
The preparation of this journal special issue was made possible in part by Dr. Lee's NSF CAREER award, a multi-year project researching new ways to use data about physical activities to support learning. The special issue can be viewed on the SpringerLink website (http://link.springer.com/journal/10758/18/1/page/1).

ITLS Department is hiring!

The Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services at Utah State University invites applicants for a tenure-track position at the Assistant or Associate Professor level to join the internationally recognized Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS).

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ITLS New Student Orientation

The required orientation will be August 5-7 or 21-23, 2013 at USU Logan Campus. The orientation will allow students to get an overview of their program requirements, meet other students and interact with their faculty advisor. Most of your questions about the program and graduate studies will be addressed in the orientation sessions. We are excited to meet all of our new students at this year’s orientation!