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This Year's Award Recipients (2016-2017 Academic Year)

We want to congratulate all of our award recipients from the 2016-2017 academic year, including our wonderful graduates. All worked hard in their specific areas of study. These awards are well deserved.

| 2016-2017 ITLS Outstanding Graduates || Master of Education: Minnie Dayton || Master of Education: Huck Stewart || Master of Science: Clarence Ames || Master of Learning Technologies and Instructional Design: Stephanie Benson || Doctorate of Philosophy: Nam Ju Kim || 2016-2017 ITLS Outstanding Research || Faculty Research of the Year: David Feldon || Doctoral Student Researcher of the Year: Nam Ju Kim || Master Student Research of the Year: Stephanie Benson || Undergraduate Researcher of the Year: Jacob Piland || 2016-2017 ITLS Outstanding Mentors || Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year: Jody Clarke-Midura || Undergraduate Mentor of the Year: Breanne Litts || 2016-2017 ITLS Outstanding Instructors |Faculty Instructor of the Year: Breanne Litts |Student Instructor of the Year: Katarin…

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