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ITLS Researchers to Receive the Outstanding Journal Article Award from The Association for Educational Communications & Technology

Dr. Brian Belland, Dr. Andrew Walker, Dr. Nam Ju Kim, and Mason Lefler authored research which will receive the Outstanding Journal Article Award sponsored by the Research and Theory Division of The Association for Educational Communications & Technology. The award will be received in Jacksonville, Florida in November of this year.

"It is a very selective process," explained Dr. E-Ling Hsiao, the award committee chair. "We received 21 submissions this year."

This award came after years of hard work on the research. Dr. Belland explains it took about two years to finish the work. The 36-page article was published in the Review of Educational Research last year. That publication has a top five impact factor in education, which is measured by the number of times articles are cited from the journal (Review of Educational Research, 2017).

The research was a meta-analysis of all the available and qualifying computer-based scaffolding research on STEM Education (scien…

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